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The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) 2023 report, reported  that 60% percent of owners reported hiring or trying to hire in January, up three points from December. Of those hiring or trying to hire, 90% of owners reported few or no qualified applicants for the positions they were trying to fill. Thirty percent of owners reported few qualified applicants for their open positions.

Upon completion of an HR Assessment, have L Campbell Consulting assist you and your team align your talent acquisition strategy with your business goals using data and marketing to create successful outreach strategies.

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Emergn, a  global digital business services firm, reinforces that while training can be a powerful retention tool, it often fails to effectively support organizational success and drive revenue. In fact, only 35% of HR leaders said training at their company was completely connected to the team’s goals. 




L. Campbell Consulting, LLC will design strategic employee training programs that directly align with business needs and goals with a strategic focus on developing the capabilities and tools that employees need to successfully carry out their jobs. These developed capabilities give your organization a competitive edge. 

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Two-thirds of workers say benefits have become a more important part of how they view their overall compensation. It makes sense that three-quarters (75%) factor benefits into their decision about whether to stay or leave a job. In fact, 44% of workers are more likely to consider taking a similar job at a different company that offers better benefits.


Let L. Campbell Consulting, LLC design a compensation and benefits strategy that aligns with your organization's current overall human resource strategy with enough room to grow into the future. 

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The Academy to Innovative HR (AIHR) defines employee relations as covering the contractual, practical, as well as the physical and emotional dimensions of the employee-employer relationship.  The term employee relations is also used to highlight the efforts a company makes to manage that relationship. .



L. Campbell Consulting LLC's proven ability in developing employee relations and performance strategies to impact your workplace culture that maintain positive employee relations helps to improve staff morale, reduce workplace conflict and ultimately, increase productivity. 

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